The OPINA Cluster is positioned to become the leading AV, ADAS and CCAM (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility) networking arena in Turkey. With a deep commitment to advancing innovation, we are empowering innovators across the mobility spectrum to create and accelerate the deployment of autonomous software solutions.

The OPINA Cluster achieves this by providing the optimal environment to spark cross-industry conversations, exchange skills and inspire collaborations and partnerships, especially with creating meaningful connections with key industry stakeholders.

The OPINA Cluster inherits the know-how and collaborative experiences of E-HIKE and E-HIKE Link, formerly active with more than 70 members each, on clean energy and electric vehicles, and on communicating and autonomous vehicle technologies, respectively. Information regarding the accomplishments and products of these two former clusters, which have been combined under OPINA, can be accessed here.

Why Make OPINA a Cluster?

A Cluster means:

  • Exchange of information, views, expertise and experience
  • Matchmaking on a national, regional and international level
  • Facilitating the collaborative development of software and technology
  • Managing the technology transfer process
  • Providing services for both the development of human resources and entrepreneurship
  • Supporting its members develop internationalization and globalization strategies

Our work is based on the three pillars of strength: Communication, Cooperation and Qualification.


We host events to keep OPINA members up to date with the latest trends and advances in AV and CCAM technology, network and introduce them to key partners, so that they can foster personal contacts across technical disciplines, industries, and sectors.

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Cooperation and Matchmaking

OPINA Cluster membership allows you to find the right strategic partners for funding for your ideas and creating cooperative projects. Workshops for technology transfer and bridges are built to expand commercialization into other countries.


With one and multi-day seminars, training programs and certification opportunities, we help our members, and their teams fill knowledge gaps. But that’s only part of the truth. We also engage programs to attract young people to the field, so that OPINA members can be assured that they can secure the best and brightest, skilled talent in the industry.

The OPINA Cluster is where the technology roadmap is drawn and decided upon by its members.

Want to know more about OPINA members?

Feel free to browse the OPINA database and find out who you can connect to instantly.

Cluster Membership Benefits

  • Common commercial purpose
  • Collective innovation and commercialization    
  • EU and TUBITAK funded project participation
  • Literature, documentation, and workshop presentations open access
  • Special memberships rates for training, certification and use of OPINA Platform CCAM tools
  • Specialization
  • Networking

Cluster Steering Committee



İstanbul Okan University (ERA)

Ministry of Industry and Technology

TTIS (Transport Technologies and Intelligent Automotive Systems Research and Development Institute)

MARKA (East Marmara Development Agency)

TAYSAD (Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey)

TESİD (Turkish Electronics Industrialists’ Association)

YASAD (Software Industrialists’ Association)