Take One BIGG-STEP with OPINA and Launch Your Smart Transportation and Autonomous Vehicles Software Start-up

Each year, in partnership with TUBITAK 1512, Okan University invites young innovators to join the nation’s ever-growing high-tech entrepreneurial spirit through its annual competitive awards-based program.

Eligible and qualifying innovators will be awarded with upwards of 200,000 TL, mentorship-driven support, and participation in a four (4) phase entrepreneurship program. This multi-phase program will help founders explore the technological and commercial potential of their ideas in smart transportation (ST) and autonomous vehicle (AV) software development – working with them to create business plans, research and develop their products, and found internationally competitive start-ups – until they successfully reach the market.

You are the Next Generation of AV and ST Innovators and We Want You at OPINA!

The OPINA (Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Testing Platform) Project is implemented by İstanbul Okan University with the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey, as the Contracting Authority under the Competitive Sectors Program, and monitored by the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey. The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.

OPINA is an open innovation cluster with a platform that supports innovative researchers, engineers, start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises, R&D companies, academic labs and corporate partners in the development, prototyping, integration and testing of connected and autonomous vehicle software.

Connect with Strong International Partners and Stakeholders through BIGG-STEP and OPINA

  • ERTICO,* Intelligent Transport System Networks (ITS Europe)
  • ERTICO Start-Up initiative
  • EGVIA,* The European Green Vehicles Initiative Association
  • European Automotive Cluster Relations
  • E-HIKE and E-HIKE Link clusters

*İstanbul Okan University is the only member of ERTICO and EGVIA in Turkey.