Available: January 2022

Removing the Roadblocks to Success through OPINA Training

Building AV technology is a challenging, long term endeavor. As part of our proactive commitment to helping you and your team navigate obstacles on this road to success, we provide pivotal technical and non-technical training and industry-partnered undergraduate and graduate research opportunities.

To help you accelerate development, some of the technical training we provide are:

  • Model-in-Loop (MIL) / Software-in-Loop (SIL) / Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) / Driver-in-Loop (DIL) simulation and testing environment
  • Vehicle Dynamic Modelling
  • Collaborative, Communicating and Autonomous Vehicle (CCAV) Modelling
  • CCAV Control Methodologies
  • CCAV Sensor Technology
  • CCAV Software Technology and Architecture
  • CCAV Programming
  • CCAV Functional Safety Requirements
  • CCAV Software Security
  • CCAV Sensor Fusion Technology
  • CCAV Computer Vision
  • CCAV Deep Learning 
  • CCAV Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • CCAV Software Development Tools
  • CCAV Computing Units
  • CCAV Vehicle Testing

Please feel free to enquire for more!

Industry-Partnered STEM Education

Students interested in AV and ADAS can pursue undergraduate and graduate research with our partnering ventures. 

  • Undergraduate Programs:
    • PROMES: Innovative, Research and Project-Based Engineering Education System
  • Graduate Programs:
    • M.Sc. 
    • Ph.D. 

Opportunities to pursue a PhD through the TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) supported 2244 Industry PhD program are also available.

  • Graduate Programs:
    • TUBITAK 2244 Ph.D. Program