Available: October 2021

Quickly Test Functionality and Performance with OPINA

Integrate your software functions into OPINA and quickly generate executable files to run on our autonomous electronic control units (ECU) and domain control units (DCU) either in the testbench or in the field with real retrofitted vehicles.

Test functionality and performance with agile support and responsive guidance in each of the following environments:

  • Vehicle Testing
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing
  • Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) Testing

OPINA Rapid Prototyping Unit, HIL and Vehicle Based Testing

  • OPINA autonomous driving computing units are designed as open development platforms while complying to rigorous safety and security standards required in mission critical autonomous driving software.
  • OPINA automotive grade computing unit, being fully integrated to an SAE level 4 autonomous test vehicle, carries out the execution of state-of-art prediction, ego-locating, path planning and actuator control algorithms. 
  • OPINA portable automotive grade computing system is the ECU/DCU equivalent of an automotive grade computing unit, providing rapid prototyping of actuator control algorithms within lab settings    

Automotive Grade AD Computing Unit (Deployed on Test Vehicle)

  • Scalable high-performance central processing unit for ADAS/AD operations, including outstanding power efficient neural network accelerator 
  • Approved automotive cybersecurity solution with secure OS and a security by design approach
  • Compliant with functional safety (ISO 26262 ASIL-D ready), cybersecurity and EMC compliance standards
  • Features hardware and software safety concepts to support fail-safe, fail-degraded and fail-operational modes
  • Provides modular SW framework for automotive grade SW development with adaptive AUTOSAR support and multiple OS options for easy and hassle-free software migration and portability
  • Supports ground truth data recording and life object detection
  • Supports automotive software development standards such as MISRA and AUTOSAR

OPINA Portable Automotive Grade Computing System (PAGCS)

  • Rapid control prototyping system where successive iterations of AD actuator control algorithms can easily be developed
  • Integral part of HIL simulation testing for closed-loop operation and validation of autonomous vehicles in OPINA lab settings
  • Fully compatible with MATLAB/Simulink toolset and Target Link for fast, easy, and graphical interface-based design of control algorithms
  • Fully integrated with OPINA’s high-performance HIL simulator, minimizing successive iterations of control algorithm development and testing
  • Enables automatic generation of embedded code for OPINA automotive grade computing unit from the simulation models of the designed control functions

Vehicle Testing

The OPINA lab features two passenger vehicles (one with ICE and the other with fully electric powertrain) for field testing and validation services. 

The test vehicles’ features are: 

  • Converted drive-by-wire with fully implemented steering-by-wire, throttle-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and gearshift-by-wire functions
  • Full AD sensor set composed of LIDARs, camera, radars, V2X OBU and GPS/IMU devices.
  • Automotive grade sensor fusion unit installed and integrated for sensor fusion and sensor processing tasks
  • Automotive grade computing unit installed and integrated for straightforward verification and validation of AD application SW
  • Intuitive user interface for driving control transfer actions between the driver and autonomous driving system
  • Emergency stop and driving control transfer support.
  • CAN bus messaging monitoring and analysis through state-of-art CAN analyzer tools
  • Raw sensor data collection in real-time for replaying/recreating field test traffic environments in OPINA lab settings