The OPINA Project is funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) II budget for Action 2: Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Activity and Topic 2.1: Research and Development and is implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and Okan University within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program.

The purpose and objective of The Project are as follows:

OPINA Project Objective

To create a science, technology and innovation ecosystem for startups, SMEs, universities and industry, where innovators can foster the development of high technology and novel high value-added technologies and products, which will support the economic and social development of the region and the European Union by increasing its overall knowledge level and competitiveness.

Operational Purpose of OPINA

To create a dynamic industry-university-SME innovation and collaborative ecosystem through the Innovative Autonomous and Communicating Vehicle Technology Development Center and the OPINA Cluster. This collaborative environment will provide resources, support and related equipment to increase the global market competitiveness of OPINA members and to contribute to the formation of new AV spin-offs and startups.

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey – DoEUFP (Directorate General for the European Union and Foreign Affairs and Directorate of the European Union Financial Programs) 

ERA (End Recipient Assistance): İstanbul Okan University

  • Prof. Dr. Semih Bilgen, OPINA Senior Representative İstanbul Okan University (SRER); Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Istanbul Okan University. 
  • Prof. Dr. Orhan Alankuş, OPINA Operation Coordination Unit Director (OCUD); Faculty Member of Mechanical Engineering, Istanbul Okan University.
  • Prof. Dr. R. Nejat Tuncay, OPINA Technical Assistance Component Specialist; Faculty Member of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Istanbul Okan University.
  • Prof. Dr. B. Tevfik Akgün, Infrastructure Supply Component Specialist; Department Chair of Computer Engineering, Istanbul Okan University.

Contractor: WYG International

Project Implementation Period: 01/06/2020 – 31/05/2023

Project Partners 

  • MARKA (East Marmara Development Agency)
  • TAYSAD (Automotive Suppliers Association of Turkey)
  • TESİD (Turkish Electronics Industrialists’ Association)
  • YASAD (Software Industrialists’ Association)

Project Target Groups  

The Project targets industry and sector players who are active in the field of intelligent and communicating vehicles like:

  • Independent Researchers, Software Developers and Scientists
  • Small-Sized (micro) Enterprises
  • Medium-Sized Companies
  • Start-ups
  • R&D Companies
  • Contract Research Organizations
  • OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Universities and Academic Research Labs
  • Sector Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Collaborative Initiatives in Smart, Connected and Clean Mobility and Connected and Autonomous Electric Vehicles