OPINA stakeholders play a critical, active role in the OPINA community. From vertical to horizontal strategic relationships, OPINA is where the AV industry comes together as an ecosystem and works together as one team.

Every key industry and OPINA stakeholder not only supports the success of the AV industry, but also engages directly with every member user and company, locally or internationally, to provide the resources that will carry their ideas and inventions forward.

We know that innovation, ideas and the future of autonomous automation are born with you, our members. That’s why, together as an industry, we are your team, here to support you, to engage you and to partner with you, as you make safe autonomy a reality.

OPINA Stakeholders 

  • OPINA users, local and international
  • OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Sector NGOs
  • Universities
  • Project Partner Organizations
  • Local Public Bodies/Municipalities
  • Development Agencies
  • TÜBİTAK, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
  • KOSGEB, Small and Medium Industry Development Organization of Turkey
  • Ministry Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey