Available: June 2021

Model-in-the-Loop (MIL) & Software-in-the-Loop (SIL)

Model algorithms with MATLAB’s SIMULINK, then quickly test and validate them in Model-in-the-Loop and Software-in-the-Loop environments. 

Code generation and co-simulation are supported with proprietary multi-paradigm languages and numerical computing environments, such as Modelica, Siemens’ Simcenter LMS AMESim with AMESet, Maplesoft’s MapleSIM, and more… 

Visualization and fail-safe scenarios can be created in OPINA with

  • Open-source simulator
  • Licensed virtual test driving professional automotive simulation software for open integration and test platforms
  • Co-simulation

Safety Starts Here: Simulation

At the heart of OPINA is one simple truth: safety first. 

Safety in AV means many things, but first it means being able to do-and-check and verify-and-validate. It means building safety assurance with systemic dependability. Simply, it means: robust simulation that you can combine with real-world testing.

As you develop and design implementation, the OPINA simulation framework will give you and your team all the tools you need to efficiently understand and predict your solution on the road well before deployment. 

Use the framework to:

  • Protect against costly incidents on the road
  • Enable fast and cost-effective virtual driving tests with billions of miles and millions of testing scenarios
  • Provide insight into AV physics with vehicle dynamics models
  • Accelerate development, implementation and testing of complex algorithms
  • Train AI algorithms with new test data from virtual worlds 

OPINA Simulation Features and Tools 

OPINA provides simulation tools for all stages and integration levels of AV software development. 

The core features include: 

  • Open-source MIL simulation for fast and cost-effective conceptual design and verification
  • Highly accurate MIL simulation for the fast development of critical autonomous driving functions
  • SIL simulation for efficient verification of embedded software code
  • HIL simulation for real-time testing of embedded computing units and embedded code
  • DIL simulation for realistic and safe evaluation of test scenarios by human drivers

Seamlessly integrate our software tools into your development workflow, including: 

  • Template models for vehicles, sensors, environment, and autonomous driving functions
  • Test scenario database in conformance with safety standards 
  • Model conversion between software tools
  • Dynamic vehicle models
  • Sensor models
  • Environment and road models
  • Test scenarios
  • Simulation data
  • Conversion/integration of autonomous driving software components
  • Compatibility with industrial automotive grade tools