Being a high tech startup is a difficult entrepreneurial endeavour. Being an early-stage, regulated high tech startup is an even more challenging entrepreneurial endeavour and it comes with a special kind of valley of death that teams need to survive.

Autonomous vehicle (AV) and advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) startups and product and service development players, all need to face regulatory, ethical and safety challenges, so the most critical thing that is needed is support.

At OPINA BIGG-STEP (TUBİTAK 1512), we help you successfully navigate the early stages of your startup with a focus on providing you just that – all the support you and your startup need to survive, thrive and disrupt the AV and ADAS markets.

We want to partner with you as you and your team herald and usher in the future of mobility.

The core starting areas of support that you get at OPINA BIGG-STEP are:

  • Mentoring and 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Training
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Technical
  • IP and Legal Assistance and Matchmaking
  • Grant Applications and Fundraising Advising

All training, mentoring, coaching and advising are provided by AV, ADAS and automotive industry experts, all of whom have extensive experience in technical, commercial and administrative matters.

İstanbul Okan University is your OPINA BIGG-STEP application agency and they extend to you their strong infrastructure and TTIS R&D center so that at OPINA, we ensure that you get your best chance to succeed and survive.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.