Available: August 2021

Seamless Development and Integration

With the OPINA Platform, you can

  • Integrate AV and ADAS applications into the OPINA environment
  • Develop software with system components, which include
    • Device drivers
    • Diagnostic modules
    • DDS and CAN communication
    • Monitoring tools
    • Autonomous software applications for
      • Adaptive Cruise Control
      • Emergency Braking
      • Lane Keeping Assist Systems
      • Over-the-Air Software Updates
      • and more…
  • Integrate seamlessly with OPINA
    • ROS/ROS2 middleware
    • Computing units
    • Sensor networks
    • Base software
    • Real-time operating system
    • Collaborative developer environment

OPINA-Supported Technical Activities

  • Sensor input processing
  • Autonomous software toolchain use
  • AUTOSAR integration
  • ROS/ROS2 app development
  • DDS and CAN protocol development
  • Diagnostic modules development
  • Simulation and verification support
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safety and security functions development
  • ISO 26262 compliant systems development
  • And more… 

We Power with ROS

ROS/ROS2 Sensor Fusion

OPINA’s state-of-the-art, automotive grade, sensor fusion with ROS and ROS2 accelerates your AV and ADAS team from development to production and deployment. Configurable sensor fusion schemes with ample computing and memory resources are provided to power your sophisticated data fusion algorithms as you build the most robust and accurate model of the world.

The dedicated sensory system supports connectivity protocols, such as CAN BUS, Flex Ray, including Automotive ethernet for future-proof operations. The OPINA solution also enables software modularity with ARM and Embedded C and C++ and makes portability into hardware platforms seamlessly easy.