The application process for the 21st term of the traditional “TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards” has started. You can apply for the TESID Awards in the categories of Large Firm, SME, Startup and PhD Theses.It will be possible to announce new developments in the electronics industry and raise awareness with the awards, which will be evaluated in the criteria of “Innovative and Creative Product” and “Product Development and Commercialization” for companies, and “The Most Successful Scientific Practice in University-Industry Collaboration” for PhD Theses. During this period, it is possible to submit award applications electronically (online) from the TESID web page, with a simplified up-to-date guide. All organisations operating in the Electronic Industry as well as the Information and Communication Technologies sector and PhD Theses studies are invited to the award competition! The application deadline is March 15, 2023.

For applications: