H2020 projects RECIPROCITY and ENTRANCE unveiled the ARRIVAL platform during the EMBRACER project’s 1st Exchange of Experience event. Focused on “Emerging Pathways to Climate Neutrality,” stakeholders discussed enhancing mobility solutions for underserved areas.

Héctor Cañas (ENTRANCE) and Anne Häner (RECIPROCITY) showcased their collaborative effort in the seminar “Innovative Tools for Underserved Areas,” detailing the creation of the EU Portal for Innovative Transport & Clean Mobility.

The ARRIVAL Matchmaking Platform

Born from RECIPROCITY and ENTRANCE projects, ARRIVAL offers a European Matchmaking Platform and offline services. Goals include empowering stakeholders with tools to adopt innovative mobility solutions and mobilizing funds for sustainable transport expansion.

Creating an ARRIVAL account grants access to:

  • Personalized dashboard for sharing innovative mobility info.
  • Direct connections with transport leaders.
  • Tailored notifications for sustainable transport interests.
  • Organizational promotion within the community.
  • Exclusive resources and collaborative opportunities.

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