Program Description

Autonomous vehicles represent the future of mobility and the automotive industry. This transformative field requires a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating expertise in Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Automotive Engineering.

Our Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent Vehicles Master’s Program, with a thesis option, empowers students and industry professionals to design cutting-edge autonomous driving systems using the latest technologies, scientific innovations, and state-of-the-art laboratory tools. This program also provides a strong theoretical foundation for further Ph.D. studies and opportunities to engage in impactful research.


Work experience in the automotive field
Bachelor’s degree in Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Engineering
Programming knowledge (C, C++, or Python is preferred)

Course Requirements

Our program consists of both compulsory and elective courses, each carrying 3 credits. Students are required to successfully complete 21 credits of coursework and a thesis, which is assigned by the program adviser.

Course Duration

Degree: Master of Science
Teaching Language: English
Programme Duration: 4 semesters

Assessment and Evaluation / Grading

Throughout the M.Sc. Education, you will gain essential technical knowledge as per our meticulously designed curriculum. Participants will form groups to engage in discussions on sample cases and carry out practical applications using OPINA Laboratory Tools and Equipment. Your performance will be continuously monitored during the training, and assessments will be conducted, including an examination at the end of the training.


Mecidiyeköy Campus:

Avni Dilligil Sok. No: 18

34394 Mecidiyeköy/İstanbul

Tel: 0 (212) 212 65 26 | 444 65 26


Tuzla Campus:

Istanbul Okan University Tuzla Campus

34959 Akfırat – Tuzla/İstanbul

Tel: 444 65 26 | 0 (216) 677 16 30

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