The second Open Innovation Autonomous Vehicle Development and Testing Platform “OPINA” – CAEVS Horizon Europe Project Development Informational Workshop will be held online on 3 November 2021. The workshop will include general information about the OPINA Project implemented by Okan University, collaborations, and giving information on calls for the Horizon Europe Programme.

You can participate in the programme by registering.

Workshop Agenda

9:30-9:50: Opening Speech and Information on the OPINA Project, Prof. Dr. Semih Bilgen, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Istanbul Okan University

9:50-10:15: “Horizon Europe Programme and Mobility Area, 2022 Calls, and TUBITAK supports”, Serhat Melik, the National Contact Point for the Climate, Energy and Mobility Cluster at the EU Framework Programmes Department of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

10:15-10:30: “Objectives of the Horizon Europe Calls Workshop and evalution of the first workshop”, Prof. Dr. Orhan Alankuş, OCUD, OPINA, Istanbul Okan University

10:30-11:30: Information on CCAM and 2Zero Calls and Determination of Interested Organisations, Prof. Dr. Orhan Alankuş

11:30-12:30: Calls Regarding Electric Vehicles and Battery Systems, Prof. Dr. Nejat Tuncay

12:30-13:15: Break

13:15-14:30: Presentations and Suggestions of Interested Companies

14:00-14:45: Closing, Prof. Dr. Semih Bilgen