Bringing together the leading names in the world of entrepreneurship and technology, Girişim’23 is a meeting point that brings together international and national actors. This year, it will be held at ATO Congresium in Ankara between 4-6 May with the participation of companies that are experts in the fields of entrepreneurship, investment, fund raising, business partnership, digital game development, new business idea development, clustering, and financing.

At this exciting event, OPINA will have the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs, investors, technology, and innovation professionals at booth A1 at ATO Congresium, to introduce the OPINA Platform and Cluster, and develop collaborations.

The OPINA Platform creates an environment where innovative entrepreneurs can focus on developing autonomous mobility technologies supported by all the resources, they may need including software development, simulation, testing, certification, training and mentoring.

Girişim’23 will include many different activities such as B2B meetings, conferences, panels, training sessions, artistic activities, and social activities. Within the scope of the events, the participants will have the opportunity to develop communication and cooperation.