The OPINA Workshop on Autonomous Vehicle Cluster and Services was held successfully at Istanbul Okan University Tuzla Campus on 22 November 2023, offering a day filled with enlightening sessions and practical demonstrations.

Key industry figures and experts including, Dr. Uwe Pfeil, Cluster Manager Mobility & Logistics Cluster, Regensburg Germany, and Dr. Hannes Schneider, Lead Engineer ADAS/AD Scenario-based Verification AVL, delivered impactful keynote speeches, sharing insights on clustering experiences, scenario-based verification, and more.

The event also provided a platform for knowledge exchange, featuring on-site HIL/DIL demonstrations. Leading companies in Autonomous Vehicles Technologies like Ford Otosan, Leo Drive, Proven Technologies, and TOFAŞ, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in autonomous vehicle technology.

Additionally, the workshop shed light on academic programs with a glimpse into the MSc Degree program on Autonomous Vehicles at Istanbul Okan University, presented by Assoc. Prof. Ömer Cihan Kıvanç.

The session culminated in an overview of survey results, offering valuable data and perspectives, followed by the closure of the workshop by Prof. Dr. Orhan Behiç Alankuş.

The workshop’s diverse agenda and active participation highlighted the industry’s advancements and the collective efforts in shaping the future of autonomous vehicles.

Stay tuned for more insights and developments from the world of autonomous vehicle technology.