On the RECIPROCITY Information and Communication Platform you have immediate access to relevant information and services supporting you in the implementation and replication of mobility solutions.

As part of the RECIPROCITY concept (below), this Platform relates to the following three key action pillars of our four-stage replication framework: Learn, Accelerate and Share. It builds upon the findings gathered within the “Identify” stage finalised in the first part of the project.

Learn more about the RECIPROCITY replication framework

This online platform will facilitate your search for the right information to replicate mobility solutions in your city or municipality by providing you with

  • the right contacts,
  • targeted knowledge and learning materials,
  • collected good practices, and
  • financial and legal expertise and support

on a variety of mobility topics – from autonomous driving to MaaS – in only one platform!

Shared exclusively with you – our RECIPROCITY stakeholders!

Save your time and money for search!

Get free access and make use of advisory services funded through RECIPROCITY!

The platform services will focus on:

  • Finance Portal: It is a one-stop shop for finance related support of mobility projects to refer clients who have funding & financing needs. You can access the Funding & Legal Helpdesk Repository, which provides simple and easy access to information such as fact sheets, case studies, EU funding programs / funding catalogue, EU standards / legal guidelines, news capsules (videos) and most important to free consultation services. It’s connected to the OPINA platform (A project funded by the EU and the Turkish Republic to establish an ecosystem bringing together industry, academia and businesses in areas of smart mobility to foster their competitiveness. See: opinaproject.com ).
  • RECIPROCITY Resources: It will provide you with the opportunity to access the results generated by RECIPROCITY as well as different knowledge and learning materials. This includes a set of best practices of several European cities collected within the project but also webinar recordings and learnings from RECIPROCITY workshops. It’s a repository for all recommendations, reports and outputs of the project.
  • Matchmaking Tool: It will provide the field for cities, municipalities, SMEs and entrepreneurs to connect with other stakeholders (even from outside their region), such as city councils, regional authorities, transport operators, smart /green mobility providers and Public & private investors. Launched in September 2022
  • RECIPROCITY local partner’s expertise: You will find the direct contact person for your region that can provide you with specific funding and legal information and support you in your region.

RECIPROCITY (Replication of innovative concepts for peri-urban, rural or inner-city mobility), coordinated by R-Tech (Germany), involves 10 partners including clusters, regional development agencies, innovation accelerators and universities. The project started in February 2021 and will run for 32 months.