RECIPROCITY Project’s website and newsletter membership page, where you can reach whole news about the Project are currently online.

RECIPROCITY Project, which Okan University is a partner of, aims to prevent climate change in cities for smart and clean mobility, to develop multi-modal (land, rail, sea, air) transportation and communicated transport points, and to implement and evaluate innovative solutions for this.

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Webinar: Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Multimodality and Inclusion

The MaaS webinar organized by the RECIPROCITY Project will be held on June 27 at 15:00-17:00 CET you can register the…

RECIPROCITY Mobility Mission – Paris 22-24 June 2022

To stimulate peer-to-peer learning and exchange, RECIPROCITY will organize A Mobility Mission an expert site visit to lighthouse cities to…